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Climate change initiatives

Sojourn Properties management is committed to reducing the impact of its activities, services and products on climate change by reducing the carbon footprint of the island retreats as well as offsetting its annual carbon emissions to be beyond carbon neutral destinations.

Elysian Retreat operates off the grid, powered by the sun and further minimise it's environmental footprint by reducing waste, saving and improving usage of water, power, fuel and emissions. The switch to 100% solar power saves an estimated 39,420 litres of diesel from being burnt per year plus the additional fuel it would have used to transport the 39,420 litres of diesel to the island via barge. Considering the burning of fossil fuels is arguably the largest contributor to climate change, we felt that this was one of the biggest impacts we could make in terms of innovation in climate change action. This translates to 112 tonnes of carbon emissions for the fuel alone, excluding the transport of the fuel, which could easily need four 14 tonnes barges. The roll on effect of transporting this amount of fuel to an island is incredibly hard to determine, but quite substantial in terms of the logistics.

We encourage staff to present our commitment to environmental and social sustainability and our benchmarked/certified status under the Ecotourism Program to our guests, suppliers, contractors, agents and wholesalers via email, website and verbal communications.

The staff and management of Sojourn Properties are fully committed to operate as sustainable an operation as possible, saving and improving usage of water, power, fuel and emissions and thus minimising their environmental footprint. Pumpkin Island was awarded the Advance Eco Tourism certification in November 2009 and have been accessed and certified by EarthCheck in February 2011. Pumpkin Island was certified as a Climate Action Leader in March 2011.

In all ways, Sojourn Properties endeavours to maximise the positive social and environmental impacts of it’s operations and to minimise the negative social and environmental impacts.
Sojourn Properties strives to promote meaningful responsible travel to a pristine natural area which conserves the environment and it’s resources and improves the welfare of it’s visitors by being in close contact with nature.

Core Purpose

To promote an enriching and enlightening experience of living, working and playing harmoniously with nature, underlining the importance of conserving, protecting and educating, thereby enabling our guests to implement small changes into their daily lives by example.

Reducing the islands’ carbon footprint as much as possible is one of the primary goals we work towards. Reductions that result from transporting as little as possible goods over long distances, reducing transfers to a few scheduled days a week, reducing waste to landfill and turning off all gas outlets unless used is as important as the sourcing of products from local communities. Chemical free organic options result in a more wholesome experience. Keeping guests informed of these initiatives teaches them how to reflect the philosophy into their own lives, and how these intelligent alternatives benefits them individually, and our planet as a whole.

Core Values

We display fairness and integrity, and foster mutual trust and care in our dealings with our employees, our business partners and our guests.
We try to deal with others as we would want them to deal with us, and others.
We foster the development of all our employees; we respect each other's contribution and importance.
We are continuously evolving and striving to better ourselves through a passion for self-improvement and learning.
We create a sense of pride and a feeling of "ownership" amongst our hosts and each host strides to own and immediately resolve guest problems.
We are in harmony with the environment and our cultural surroundings.
We contribute our resources, both financial and human to help better the environment and the community, which we live in.
We are creative and innovative.
We create a work environment of teamwork and imaginative service so that the needs of our guests and each other are met.
We are involved in the planning of the work that affects us.
We believe in Intelligent Luxury, Innovative Style, Redefining Experiences and Balancing Senses.
We maintain a good standard of personal health as a duty to ourselves so that we may be of service to others, We encourage our family, friends and colleague to do likewise.
We aim to minimise the consumption of energy and water, reduce the generation of waste.
We source products and services locally where possible
We continue to improve the environmental performance of our operation
We aim to monitor and assess environmental opportunities, risks and impacts regularly
We aim to ensure no long term environmental impacts as a result of our operation

Our Vision

To be trendsetting and innovative and continue to redefine a responsible leisure lifestyle.

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